Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Getting on the plane..

In about 20 minutes we are starting our traveling. I cannot even believe as I sit in the terminal that my trip is here. If I had any doubts about the trip before they are all gone now. The faithfulness of God is evident and he has provided for me in so many ways this morning already. He is the sole reason I am going to Germany and he is worth any fear I may have. Right now I am speechlessly pondering all of the qualities of our Lord. What an honor I have to serve him.

And if you were wondering at all, my team is amazing. I am sitting looking around at the wonderful people who were hand picked by God to accompany me on this trip. I am anxious to know them and to walk with God with them. If you would please pray for us the next 19 hours are going to be flying over oceans and mountains and so much more.

Time flies and now so must I. Next time I write I with be in Berlin! I can hardly believe it!

Pray for:
1. Endurance of faith, body, and spirit
2. Smooth plane rides
3. That all of our baggage arrives

Love the Lord more! bag only weighted 42lbs!!

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